mplayer 64bit binaries for Mac OSX Snow Leopard

I made the commitment to deliver updated binaries of mplayer.git (64bit and Snow Leopard only). These are very simple to install in your graphical user interface of choice, even if I always recommend MPlayerOSX Extended.
The binaries are available on the project page hosted on Google Code.


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Compiling mplayer on Mac OSX Snow Leopard with ffmpeg-mt, ordered chapters and libass.

I finally installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard and managed to do a 64bit compilation using Uoti’s mplayer fork build scripts. I hope this will be useful for anyone running Snow Leopard (note that some of the chunks of this post are taken from my previous one about building on Leopard).
This has been tested on a clean slate install of SL, if you upgraded from Leopard you should reinstall MacPorts and all the ports or install the ports as universal binaries to include the x86_64 version.

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Mac OSX: compile mplayer redux

In this post I will explain how I am compiling mplayer on Mac OSX Leopard using the Uoti’s mplayer fork build script. The script automates all the build process of ffmpeg, mplayer and libass. It is better than my previous method because it includes automatically the most recent version of libass (the one coming with mplayer is ancient).

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MacOSX: mplayer with ffmpeg-mt and ordered chapters

NOTE: This guide is outdated, for the current reccomended way to build mplayer please check my other post here.

A lot of recent releases of fansubbed anime make use of ordered chapters (linking segments), a feature of the Matroska video container that allows to link external video sources to the file you are currently playing. It is very useful because that way the Opening/Endings can be distributed only one time for each series and then be linked to each episode during playback.

Until a while back the only way to play these files correctly was on windows using Haali’s Media Splitter, however it is now possible to get it work on Linux and MacOSX by just compiling mplayer from the development server.
If you are looking for a similar guide for Linux check this.

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Temporary Core Animation

Working on my project I used Core Animation for the first time. Unfortunately layer-backed views don’t work well with some Cocoa controls (such as NSTextField and NSButton with check style). Luckyly I only need Core Animation to set up some NSView replacing and NSWindow scaling transitions.

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NSCollectionView scroll to origin fix

As you know Leopard has this new amazing facility to present complex data on screen. NSCollectionView allows you to lay out some NSViews each representing your data, whereas NSTableView supports only NSCells out of the box.

Anyway if you are thinking about using a NSCollectionView you will be disappointed to discover that the current implementation is very buggy. As pointed out in the linked posts whenever you resize a containing NSWindow the contained NSCollectionView will scroll to its origins (provided that you actually have springed the NSCollectionView to the window).

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