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Compiling mplayer on Mac OSX Snow Leopard with ffmpeg-mt, ordered chapters and libass.

I finally installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard and managed to do a 64bit compilation using Uoti’s mplayer fork build scripts. I hope this will be useful for anyone running Snow Leopard (note that some of the chunks of this post are taken from my previous one about building on Leopard).
This has been tested on a clean slate install of SL, if you upgraded from Leopard you should reinstall MacPorts and all the ports or install the ports as universal binaries to include the x86_64 version.

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Mac OSX: compile mplayer redux

In this post I will explain how I am compiling mplayer on Mac OSX Leopard using the Uoti’s mplayer fork build script. The script automates all the build process of ffmpeg, mplayer and libass. It is better than my previous method because it includes automatically the most recent version of libass (the one coming with mplayer is ancient).

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