mplayer 64bit binaries for Mac OSX Snow Leopard

I made the commitment to deliver updated binaries of mplayer.git (64bit and Snow Leopard only). These are very simple to install in your graphical user interface of choice, even if I always recommend MPlayerOSX Extended.
The binaries are available on the project page hosted on Google Code.



  1. José Filipe said

    Are ordered-chapters enabled by default or do I need to add an option to my config file?

    • pigoz said

      They are enabled by default, you just need to have the OP/ED files in the same directory of the episode files.

  2. GreenSkye said

    Question: If i built mplayer from your last post for use with mplayer os x extended, how do I update the program? Extended asked me to update to Rev 12 test 4 and doing so seemed to erase the ordered chapter support. Deleting the new app and restoring the old one fixed the problem.

    Do I need to rebuild the app every time or is there something I do to update both the “back end” (compiled stuff) and the front end (GUI “Extended”)? Thanks.

    • pigoz said

      Each time a new version of Extended comes out, you need to change the binary that comes bundled with Extended; if you compiled it yourself following the guide, just copy your compiled mplayer over the one that comes with Extended:

      sudo cp ~/dev/mplayer-build/mplayer/mplayer /Applications/MPlayer\ OSX\

      If you download my binaries you have to follow the instructions on Google Code for every release of Extended.

  3. rezzo said

    Thanks pigoz for the binaries, work like a charm!

  4. Tomio said

    Was just going to say that rev13 test1 can’t use your binaries but you’ve already updated your binaries on the project page. Thanks for the quick update! =)

    • pigoz said

      Yeah I am working on it, and Adrian is giving a lot of help and support to make it work the best way possible. There are still some bugs that are being ironed out thought.

  5. hjk said

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve always been a little upset that Mac owners get the short stick when it comes to small things such as ordered chapters. Now I don’t have to miss out on OP/EDs that are separate in certain fansub batch releases.

  6. xeron said

    Thanks for compiling the binaries into a simple, easy-to-install file. I just updated to rev13 this evening, and when I realized that everything “broke” I had visions of myself going mad trying to recompile and linking everything back. Just having to deal with the terminal again gave me the chills.

  7. jasper said

    I’m using Leopard and the binary in seems to crash with the error:
    Sat May 22 02:31:50 win.local MPlayer OSX[27294] : MPlayer process exited with code 5
    Sat May 22 02:31:54 win.local MPlayer OSX[27294] : Abnormal playback error. mplayer returned error code: 5

    Is the binary only good for Snow Leopard and not Leopard?

    • pigoz said

      It is Snow Leopard only.

  8. Adam said

    I’m on snow leopard but i can’t get anything to play. I’m using the latest versions of mplayer and your binary. The error says “abnormal playback termination”.

    Sat Aug 21 15:58:49 Adam-Dedmans-iMac.local MPlayer OSX[19757] : MPlayer process exited with code 11
    Sat Aug 21 15:59:25 Adam-Dedmans-iMac.local MPlayer OSX[19757] : Abnormal playback error. mplayer returned error code: 11

    What could be wrong?

    • pigoz said

      Do you have Logitech Control Center installed? From some googling it might be the problem.

      • Adam said

        Nope. I have a Logitech mouse but i got rid of that awful software long ago. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

  9. rezzo said

    pigoz, can you update your mplayer.git binary?

    I have some problems with the render of ssa subtitles with spanish accents (á, é, í, ó), i can see the accents, but look like the ” ´ ” lose the customize style.

    With the default binary of OSX Extended by Stutz I have no problems, but it haven’t ordered chapter support and the performance is a few lower. thanks.

    • pigoz said

      I’m working on a simpler and more automated build mechanism.

      I’ll soon (1 week hopefully) release a new version of the binary.

      • rezzo said

        great!, thanks for your effort

      • pigoz said

        btw, can you provide on of the files that doesn’t rended correctly?

  10. araber said

    Hi, First of all thank you for your grate work!
    I have a question regarding ordered chapters in mkv. I am using your newest Mplayer binaries in Mplayer osx extended and I have an mkv movie with two editions (ordered chapters). Mplayer osx shows chapters for the first edition only (the first edition of the movie is playing fine and does what it should) but he doesn’t show chapters from second edition. So I can watch only the first default edition of the movie but there are also chapters for the second edition that mplayer doesn’t show (vlc player shows all chapters but playback is buggy).
    I would appreciate if you can give me a hint what I might have done wrong.

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