MacOSX: mplayer with ffmpeg-mt and ordered chapters

NOTE: This guide is outdated, for the current reccomended way to build mplayer please check my other post here.

A lot of recent releases of fansubbed anime make use of ordered chapters (linking segments), a feature of the Matroska video container that allows to link external video sources to the file you are currently playing. It is very useful because that way the Opening/Endings can be distributed only one time for each series and then be linked to each episode during playback.

Until a while back the only way to play these files correctly was on windows using Haali’s Media Splitter, however it is now possible to get it work on Linux and MacOSX by just compiling mplayer from the development server.
If you are looking for a similar guide for Linux check this.

First you need to install a couple of dependencies, you could compile them manually but it is not worth the hassle. Use MacPorts instead.

sudo port install git-core pkgconfig freetype fontconfig libiconv ncurses zlib lzo2 libpng

Now you can download a copy of mplayer and ffmpeg from the development git.

git clone git:// mplayer
cd mplayer
git checkout -b mt -t origin/mt && git submodule init && git submodule update

Time to compile:

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/opt/local/lib/pkgconfig"
./configure --disable-x11 --disable-gl --disable-mencoder --enable-apple-remote --extra-cflags=-I/opt/local/include --extra-ldflags=-L/opt/local/lib
sudo make install

To use your newly compiled mplayer with the MPlayerOSX Extended GUI:

sudo cp mplayer /Applications/MPlayer\ OSX\

Thats all. Here is a screenshot of it running :)



  1. Xenos said


    I follow your procedure and everything went well. I used git-core instead of git as trying to install git gives me an error telling me it could not be found. I proceeded with everything and tried it with Chihiro’s release of Asura Cryin’ but it did not work. Any ideas? and Thank you very much for this tutorial.

    Best Regards

    • pigoz said

      Are the OP/ED files in the same directory as the episode files? Try to play one episode without the GUI (launching the mplayer executable from terminal) to see the error messages if any are provided.

  2. Adriasil said

    You are my saviour!!! this works so well as far as I can see!

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